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Feedback on Almab

- This has been a very easy and trouble-free partnership. When we start planning an upgrade for our sawmill, we contact ALMAB. They come to discuss what we need and then return with drawings and suggestions regarding what the best solutions would be.

- We process everything from battens to panels, and with such a broad range of products, we obviously had some problems with equipment operation. However, ALMAB have resolved them in the best possible way over the time that we have been partners. First of all, ALMAB is a reliable supplier who always meets our requests
Björn Andersson, Sveden Trä

It can be said, however, that ALMAB was involved in most aspects concerning the expansion and upgrade of the sawmill itself. These are very special machines which meet our specific needs, as they cut wood and then the pieces are sent to our plant in Mala where they are glued together to produce cant panels. We always use for cutting 2.6 to 2.8 meter long lumber only. IKEA is the majority owner of Norrfog and this fact, according to Staffan Granqvist, has significantly influenced the vendor selection.

- IKEA had good partnership relations with ALMAB before, and this played an important role in the bidding process for plant upgrade equipment. We had very ambitious goals with regard to sawmill expansion. After testing and certain adjustments, we were very pleased with ALMAB equipment. They were also very much interested in good partnership and more stringent safety provisions as required by the Swedish Health and Safety Administration, which meant that we had to make some modifications to our plant facilities

Staffan Granqvist, Product Manager at Norrfogs / IKEA

We had good experience of previous partnership with ALMAB as part of Swedspan group and we knew that they had high level equipment in terms of both advanced technology and production capacity. Our partnership with ALMAB has been successful and we keep working together

Gavin Gruiskhank, Project Manager IKEA