ALMAB delivers value through knowledge!

As a leading European supplier in our sector with history since 1928, we continuously developing woodprocessing techniques for timber and wood industry.

With constantly improved, standardized reliable products, we find the best solutions for our clients. The products are designed using advanced 3D technologies, and manufactured in our own workshop. Before delivery, new products are tested at our plant in Storvik.

The products are always commissioned with our engineer present on site.

Well developed service and sparepart department ensures good productivity.

Performance and cost-efficiency for our customers is our priority.

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Green sorting line.

Delivered to Vida Nössemark Sawmill, Sweden.

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Sticker-stacking line.

Sicker-stacking line delivered to Balungstrand sawmill.

Single piece feeder for sticks 200 pieces/min and stepfeeder. (Click on picture for video)

Planing Line

Almab has delivered the new planing mill to SCA Timber Supply UK, Melton. The Planning mill has great flexibility for the production of battens, panels and planksWith individual marking of 100 pieces / minThe line has also bundling capacity of 16 bundles / min with length falling timber,

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Dry sorting with scanner

Drysorting line for Östanå sawmill with scanner …  

… without intermediate turning.

Complete Sorting Lines

Complete drysorting line to Russia , Kharowsklesprom.
We have also delivered a complete green sorting line.


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Tel: +46 290 33 400
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Sorting Lines

Check our products. For example.Tilthoist with extra arms,Stacker, or positioning

Planing & further processing

Check our products. For example. Aut. Foil roller, Trimmer and Stacker.


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